About Me!

Sara White
Email: reflector1991@gmail.com

Photography is my hobby! I love capturing the moments, the ordinary, the unique and the magical. I love story telling through pictures. I love capturing that smile, that eyelash, that precious cuddle.

I do this for fun. By day I’m a mum and student midwife. I’m currently fundraising to take myself and my family to Cambodia in early 2014 for an international placement in a birthing clinic. Any money that I make doing what I love between now and then will go straight to paying for that trip.

If you want some moments captured, be it a birthday party or a family afternoon in the park, please contact me and we will try and arrange something in my schedule. After I take your photos, I will spend some time editing them and then upload them to this site in a password protected post that only you can access. You can download the high quality versions straight from there.

You decide whether you would like to give a donation of the amount that you choose. All money will go straight to our Cambodia trip.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer. This does not in any way replace great quality professional photos. I’m just having some fun and improving my skills.